2013 Fall Practice Field Schedule

Practices can begin August 1st - Your coach will be in contact with exact practice times and once approved by the Exeter Soccer Board will appear here on this site.

Locations are listed by either program or coach.

Download the PDF file here --> PRACTICE Assignments

Click the name of the field for google map directions!

Full-Size Fields

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Pineland Park (U11 and above) GA MES   ON LY!
Lorane Elem. LOWER Jeff U12 B & McKelvey U12G Rob U14G & Tim U14G Jackie U13G
Chirs U14B
U11G U14B
Tim U14G
Chris U14B

Down-Size Fields

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Farming Ridge (CPD) Cress U12G Scholl U12G All U11 All U12 All U9 All U10
Lausch Elem. UPPER
(U9 & U10 Game Field)
  Scholl U10G Kitch U10 G   Heather U11B Harry U12B
Lausch Elem. LOWER Tom U9 B & Jackie U13G Alex U10B
Jon S U10 B
  Haines U11
Luis U11 G
Minner U11B
Lausch Elem. LOWER
  (1/2 Field - Plateau)
Stoudt U10G Painter U9 B      
Jacksonwald Elem. UPPER Alex U9 B & Justin U9 B Tim S U10 B
Bartley U9 B
Alex U9 B    
Lorane Hollow Park Scrimmages Jake U12 B Scrimmages Scrimmages Scrimmages

Intramural Program

Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri
Lorane Elem. UPPER U8 (CPD)     U8  
Trout Run Sports Complex   U7 U5/6   U7